2020 Selected Film deliverables form

Congratulations on your selection! Fill out this form by May 27th to help us keep track of film traffic and all the pertinent information for your film listing, and to supply a download link for your film, if available.

There is a lot of information here, so have a look through the whole form before you begin.

Once you submit, you will be able to download your Official Selection laurels.

    Basic film info

    While we can get much of this information in one way or another, this helps us put it all in one place, and gives you the opportunity to give us the fully-vetted and proofed information, exactly as you'd like to see it on our Web site and program.

    Premiere status (required)

    Does it have English subtitles? (required)

    Screen shots (required)

    Upload up to 3 full size frame grabs from your film, with no overlaid text or logos (this shouldn't be your poster, but action shots from your film). Exciting moments that feature foreground closeups of a character (or monster) work the best at large and small thumbnail sizes. Maximum file size is 5MB each, .jpg or .png format.

    Important! Make sure your images include the film name and director name, so that we can tell which film they belong to (For example: "Kill Shot-Alan Smithee-image1.jpg", "Hellraiser-Clive Barker-image2.png").

    Video file information

    Film resolution (required)

    Note: While we normally can project 2k DCP, all films this year will be scaled to stream at 1080p. So, if you have a 1080p master in a high quality intermediate format (Apple ProRes or DNxHD) send that, otherwise 2k or 4k are fine (but will be scaled to 1080p on our end).

    Film frame rate (required)

    23.98/24fps is the international exhibition film standard, so it's best to supply your film at that frame rate, if you have it. If you don't, let us know what you do have, and we will convert as necessary. We DO NOT recommend supplying 29.97 or 60fps, as these will typically look quite jerky when converted (but if it's the only thing you have, let us know here).

    Video file format (required)

    We'd like you to send us the highest quality version of your film file that you can. This will allow us to create the best possible showcase. Normally we take DCPs, but due to the streaming nature of our show this year, an intermediate file format is best.

    • Apple ProRes (422, 422HQ) .mov is the best and easiest for us.
    • DNxHD .mxf is also fine.
    • MP4s are NOT RECOMMENDED! They are often too H.264 compressed, and will be re-compressed for the show, making them look even worse.
    • IMPORTANT If you do not have a ProRes or DNxHD file and must supply an MP4, make sure the average bitrate is 20Mbps or above.
    • Please do not send an .MP4 or other compressed file that is less than 20Mbps - we'll just have to ask you for a new file. You can check the data rate/bit rate of your file in Quicktime player or VLC. Your total file size should be at least .15GB per minute. (a 5 min film should be over 760MB, 15 mins over 2GB, 90 mins about 13+ GB, etc.)

    Aspect ratio

    Sound mix (required)

    We typically recommend 5.1 sound for theatrical projection, but due to the streaming nature of our 2020 show, we recommend supplying a stereo mix this year. If you provide a 6 or 8 channel mix, we will mix it down to stereo.

    Download link

    • If you can supply a download link below for your film file now, that greatly simplifies our film traffic management and is highly recommended.
    • If you don't have one ready, but it'll only take 1-2 days, please fill out this form when it's available.
    • If it'll take much longer, choose the "I'll email it later" option below and email it to submissions@portlandhorrorfilmfestival.com, ideally no later than May 27th, so that we can incorporate a clip in our festival trailer.
    • If you're not able to send your file by that date, please let us know when you think it might be available in the Comments box, so we can make arrangements with you.

    • You can use any file transfer service you like, but this link should remain active until June 20th, 2020. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes technology fails and we need to download your file again at the last minute, without notice. If this isn't possible, not the deadline for downloading in the Comments field at the end of this form.
    • If using Google Drive (recommended) or Dropbox, set your sharing options to "link" sharing that allows anyone with the link to download the file (in advanced sharing options), and paste that link here.
    • If using WeTransfer or similar use the "get transfer link" option and paste that here.
    • If using Vimeo (NOT RECOMMENDED. These are usually too compressed.), enable downloading on your project so that we can download the "original" file, make sure your Vimeo link is password-protected, and supply the password below.
      • Only use Vimeo for downloads if you have a paid account that lets you share your "Original" file.
      • This file should have a bitrate of at least 20Mbps (about .15GB or more per minute, 5mins about 760MB or more, 15mins about 2GB or more in total file size).
      • If your Vimeo file download is much smaller/lower bitrate than this, please don't send it - if it's too small, we'll just have to ask you for a different file, after taking the time to download it. The download link in Vimeo will show you the total file size of your file, if it's smaller than .15GB per minute, please send us a higher quality file (Apple ProRes or DNxHD is great).
    • Most file transfer services allow you to get a shareable link; that's what we need here. You can usually find this option by poking around their interface, or googling it.
    • It's secure! This form will be seen and this link only used by the festival directors, and will not be shared with any other judges or staff.

    Filmmaker Q&As

    We would love to have you participate in a live Q&A after your film or film block. We will be setting up a video chat so that you have a chance to talk briefly about your film and answer audience questions. We will likely use Zoom, which works great on a tablet, smartphone, or computer. If you'd like to take part, we encourage you to download Zoom and familiarize yourself with the software.

    The festival will be streamed between 6pm and Midnight, Pacific Daylight time, June 17-20.

    Are you able/interested to participate in a video chat during those times?

    Who's coming?

    Give us the names of the people who will likely take part in a Q&A chat. For short films, we expect to have a lot of people in the Q&A for shorts blocks, so please limit this to 1 (or max 2) people (unless you're all in the same chat window), so that we don't end up with a 20 window chat in Zoom. For feature films, 1-5 people would be manageable.

    Additional comments