The films are the reason you’re here, and you can expect to see the best independent horror films, some funny, some gory, some scary, but all cooler and more innovative than anything you can see at the multiplex. Independent filmmakers are the ones creating fresh looks at horror, and you can see the best films from the horror masters of tomorrow at the Portland Horror Film Festival™. At the 2018 Portland Horror Film Festival, we showcased the following films!

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2019 Feature Films

2019 Short Films

Social media addict Ingrid receives an unwanted visitor during a midnight bathroom trip.


An animated reflection on mortality, “CEMETERY SONG” explores a day in the life of inhabitants of a cemetery as they explore the power of memories, existential dread and finally a peaceful acceptance. Cemetery Song is directed and edited by Michelle Prebich. Animation and production design by Justine Prebich.

Cemetery Song

A small group of people are determined to protect their way of life. They know they are exposed to the worst stalking, because their enemy is nature dressed in Satanism and witchcraft. They will have to face that darkness only with the help of their faith, and fight against the unknown until their last breath.

Coda Sacra

A young and expecting mother suffers a horrific abandonment as she understands the cost of what it means to love and be loved.

Essere Amato

A college student goes for a part-time job interview and hired on short notice by a single working mother to be a babysitter for her four-year-old daughter Hana. But when she is left alone with Hana, strange things start to happen.


Ambrose Mordrake, born with a violent, mind controlling deformed growth on the back of his head, unexpectedly returns home for his brother’s engagement dinner. Whilst weary of his return, his brother Matthew and his fiancé Catherine are pleased to see him, much to the chagrin of his mother. Ambrose attempts to insert himself back into […]

I Am Not a Monster

In the near future, the U.S.-Mexico border wall has been completed and the high cost of living has skyrocketed. As a result, loved ones are re-homed like pets.


Lost deep in the forest, a lone backpacker encounters a peculiar stranger.

The Hidebehind

Zack and Jakki are your typical “odd couple” roommates. Jakki likes staying in, reading a good book now and again; while Zack has other hobbies like waking the dead. Things get hairy when Zack convinces Jakki to spend the day making wishes on a Monkey’s Paw. Soon the two find themselves doing backflips trying to […]

We Got a Monkey’s Paw

The year is 2078. Resources are scarce and the world is slowly dying. Darwina the young huntress will encounter a new threat very soon.

Z-GOAT: First Bleat