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2024  Feature Films

When true-crime podcaster & sleuth Lola visits her hometown at Christmas for the first time since running away and transitioning, the vengeful ghost of a historical murderer and urban legend seemingly arises to kill again. She’s up against not only a psychotic killer, but a town haunted by secrets.

Carnage for Christmas

Bolat, an only child of a distinguished village businessman named Nursultan, grows up spoiled, causing criminal issues. Bolat rapes a school graduate, Diana. He, however, gets away with a crime, concealing under a ‘tradition’. A forced wedding follows, turning the family’s life into a nightmare.


Genevieve attempts to navigate her life with Dissociative Identity Disorder, but begins to see flashbacks of memories she had no part in creating. Nervous of how dangerous she and her alter “Stevie” may be, she descends into hallucinations as she gets closer to the origin of her trauma.


Participating in an internet challenge that requires breaking into homes and living undetected alongside the residents, a thrill-seeking couple target an infamous haunted house and endure a series of chilling incidents as they witness a family descending into madness.

Ghost Game

Hiding Henry was the very best at hide and go seek. Then, one day in the 90’s, he was never found again. Thirty years later… A VHS MOVIE ABOUT THE HOMES WE KEEP HIDDEN INSIDE OURSELVES AND THOSE WHO KEEP THEMSELVES HIDDEN INSIDE OUR HOMES.

Hiding Henry

Theodor, a village priest, gains fame when his wife miraculously survives a deadly illness. To defend the miracle, he delves into the occult with his childhood mentor, only to be drawn into an unknown challenge that tests his faith.

In The Name of God

A documentarian analyzes 20 years of footage of his wife and their friend in an attempt to make sense of a mystery involving a haunted duplex and the mysterious cult of strangers that are drawn to it.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

A group of young people are returning from a trip when they come across a lost teenage girl on the road and offer her a ride. After being abandoned by the driver, the group decide to spend the night at the young girl’s house. But it ends up being the worst choice of their lives.

Road To The Mouth of Hell

There is a villa where desperate people the opportunity to revive their fortunes by selling their bodies to mysterious entities in exchange for money. When the centuries-old creatures emerge from the deep woods, a series of sinister events prompt three guests to attempt a desperate escape.

The Complex Forms

Hold on to your buttholes! The Tyler Corporation finally figured out how to genetically engineer a raptor, but they didn’t stop there… They also made it invisible! Unfortunately for them, he’s a really smart invisible raptor and he’s thirsty for blood.

The Invisible Raptor

2024  Short Films

A trailer spoofing an independent 1950’s horror film. Part of our annual Bumper Contest

50s B movie trailer (Bumper)

Three friends catching up via webcam are joined by an unforeseen, preternatural gift from a brujería store. Part of our annual Bumper Contest

A Bruja Thingamajig (Bumper)

Experienced hiker Hannah has an unexpected encounter after reaching the summit.

All Kinds of Animals

A mother and her daughter move into an old family house. The daughter struggles to adjust to the house and, to the mother’s great horror, begins feeling an increasingly strong pull towards a locked door upstairs.


It is opening night, the theater is crowded and Clara, the leading actress, refuses to leave her dressing room. Something inside her is keeping her from leaving.


Dr. Jordan prepares what seems like a romantic bath for his boyfriend Grant, but shatters the mood with a sudden accusation of infidelity. As Grant attempts to smooth-talk his way out of trouble, the grisly truth of Jordan’s intentions bubbles to the surface.

Bath Bomb

When their mother vanishes, two estranged sisters are forced to caretake for their catatonic grandma… Only to realize that grandma isn’t grandma at all.


A reclusive woman’s carefully constructed life shatters when a blood covered child runs out of the woods, claiming her mother is trying to kill her. She assumes a long lost motherly roll to protect the girl, but discovers other things lurking in the dark, trying to get in.

Come Back Haunted

Ben is the only night shift 911 operator in a small town. His bubble of self-isolation is only ever punctured by drunks or prank calling kids, but tonight Dark Mommy has her own intentions for Ben…and the rest of the town.

Dark Mommy

Nightmares and reality blend when signals distort and collide.

Dark Signals

In 1966, a girl group consulted a spirit board in order to find the perfect band name. They got one, Daughters of Evil, but they also got possessed by demons. Decades later, a YouTuber accidentally summons the band to the land of the living by playing their album backwards.

Daughters of Evil

Even after death, Nick’s abusive boyfriend Godfrey goes on pursuing him. But is it reality or a terrible nightmare awaken by murder?


Teresa comes home to find her bloody roommate on the floor holding on for her life. Suddenly she realizes the killer is still in the house!


Veruca has an insatiable hunger for…love. She satisfies her appetite by serial dating…one killer mate at a time.

Eat Me

Two friends take a detour on their hike and find a beautiful view and an interesting echo.


Sandy is grievously forced to break it off with the boy of her dreams in order to avert him from meeting her unusual parents.

Fck’n Nuts

Romane and Ally are in love. As they run away searching for a place where they would be free, they end up kidnapped at a local gas station. Whereas they were looking for peace, vengeance will first cross their path.


Imprisoned in a windowless room, three women are forced to engage in degrading, twisted challenges for an ominous surveillance camera. If they complete a challenge, they get to eat. If they fail, they go hungry. As desperation grows their resilience cracks, putting their shaky escape plan in peril.

Good Girls Get Fed

A young woman walks alone during New Year’s eve, but little does she know that the portals are open – and some creatures came out to play. Part of our annual Bumper Contest

Happy New Year (Bumper)

Horror writer Jodi (LUCY DAVIS), battles creative block exploring gripping ideas, only to discard them in absurd ways. Ben (ERIC JOHNSON), her overly mailman, interrupts her routine with praise, offering a peculiar comfort in his encouragement. One day, her fantasy world takes a terrifying turn.

Have a Good Day

An unsuspecting man gets invited to dinner with a strange group of people without realizing what their appetites truly crave.

Head Eaters

A woman tries to escape from a wrapped ghost – a Pocong, by hiding in a man’s house.


Two women on opposite sides of grief face real demons in an inpatient eating disorder clinic.


It’s 5:07 A.M., and the thing that made the most disturbing sound in Bill’s darkest nightmare is not only real…it’s also much closer than he thinks.


Boy has girl. Boy loses girl. Boy wins girl back, but girl is a werewolf.

Howl If You Love Me

Amelia is struggling to understand a new disease that only infects women, and must regain control of her body before time runs out.

It Came From Within

An antique toy releases the unexpected. Part of our annual Bumper Contest

Jack (Bumper)

In a medieval dark fantasy atmosphere, a fearless warrior embarks on a painful and exhausting journey to get back what he has lost.


A musician trapped in an office job tries the free kombucha that helps his coworkers hit their quotas with a smile. Unfortunately, the kombucha has a series of nasty side effects that give new meaning to being consumed by your work.


On Christmas Eve, in a rural countryside home, an Icelandic family comes face to face with the Yule Cat, a ravenous creature of folklore hungry for those who didn’t get clothes for Christmas.


Jade, a young graphic designer lacking inspiration, finds herself confronted with strange phenomena following a forbidden ritual practiced with her best friend Julie. Overwhelmed by events and her client on the phone, she collides with someone on the road. Jade flees the scene.

La Croix

Iris learned about wet dreams in health class, but when she dreams about Ellie she gets really, really wet. When her first hookup takes a deadly turn, she learns the truth: she’s dangerous. Now Iris must confront the unique contours of her sexuality before she drowns the girl of her dreams.

Lady Parts

A mysterious rabbit with a set of magic keys summons a host of strange creatures to entertain a wicked king and his decadent court in this dark stop-motion animated fantasy inspired by the works of Ladislas Starevich.

Les Bêtes

When Sarah joins a multi-level marketing scheme, she must reach each of her sales goals or face a series of horrifying curses.


A cursed Bridesmaid is forced to track down and marry her soulmate to escape the wrath of a malevolent demon called The Manglik

My Scary Indian Wedding

A new mother struggles through the 4am feeding time.

Night Feeding

Desperate to get their only son married, a family holds a young woman hostage. As the gagged and bound bride is dragged in for the ceremony, the events take an even more sinister and shocking turn, that end up changing the course of this unholy ritual.

Night of the Bride

In the wake of a personal tragedy, a vengeful man returns to an island to hunt a creature of local legend.


Get your popcorn ready, scary movies ahead! Part of our annual Bumper Contest

PHFF Bumper

A brief, spooky, animated bumper! Part of our annual Bumper Contest

PHFF Bumper

When nightclub singer Poppy is confronted by a black eyed man, she is filled with fear. The event triggers a buried trauma that she must overcome in a caleidoscopic world of glitter, music and blood.

Poppy’s Saturn

This 1978 Camaro was her dream car… Now it’s her nightmare.

Ride Baby Ride

Desperate to see her brother again, a young woman visits the site of his death.

Strange Creatures

Let’s take a brief walk inside a world of matriarchal rule. Does it feel good to be here?

Sweet Meats

An aspiring journalist faces the unimaginable when news of a nearby crash site comes over the radio. Based on “The War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells and the Orson Welles / Mercury Theatre on the Air radio play of the same name.

The Battle of Grovers Mill

You’ve been invited to a very special wine tasting.

The Connoisseur

A man finds closure in the back of a truck.

The Crossing Over Express

Set in 1928, a nervous and naive Michael Phillips is brought by his father to participate in the patrilineal family tradition and rite of passage. He struggles to understand his place, as he navigates terrifying expectations.

The First

When a a zombie apocalypse hits LA, Keesha and Toya debate whether or not they should fight to survive in a world that doesn’t appreciate Black women.

The Flacalta Effect

A woman is ghosted by the man she’s dating…and then the haunting begins.

The Ghost

After causing a tragic accident on Halloween night, Brad is haunted by his guilty conscience as he takes the elevator down to the scene of the crime. Is he heading to the lobby… or straight to hell?

The Gourd, The Brad, and The Ghostly

A lost tourist just wants a good old soy milk pumpkin spice latte. She finds her way into a creepy old delicatessen that has a lot waiting for her, none of it being any kind of hot beverage.

The Management

Sara, a struggling artist who discovers a unique magical pencil that can solve all of her problems by bringing her drawings to life. However, her dreams turn into a nightmare when a malevolent demonic creature from Kazakh legends gets unleashed.

The Pencil

In 19th century Vermont, a young woman’s parents drink sleeping tea in order to survive the harsh winter, but an early thaw leads to horrifying results.

The Thaw

When a sacred ritual is interrupted by a clueless frat boy, a coven of Black witches are forced to teach a deadly lesson.

Thirsty Thursday

In a workplace plagued by harassment, an oppressed office worker’s life takes a chilling turn when a blood-red umbrella releases a vengeful spirit, transforming her into a merciless killer.


A mad botanist experiments on an unwilling human subject to give plants a fighting chance against climate change.


With a hurricane raging outside their hospital, two nurses have one last job before evacuating: stow the “dead-on-arrival” corpse of a young girl in the downstairs morgue before the building floods.


The story of two friends who just wanted to play kickball.

We Joined A Cult

Corny lovebirds move to the boonies and experience big, wild, American love.

Yummo Spot

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