Portland Horror Film Festival logos

When you refer to Portland Horror Film Festival™ in print or on film, and would like to use a logo for the fest, you may incorporate the below.

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Logo usage guidelines

Make sure that the logo is not crowded. On the Web, it should have at least 13pixels of margin on each side, and in print should have at least 1/4 inch of empty space around it. When used in a film, trailer, or bumper, please make sure that the logo is well within the conventional “safe area” for text in video (roughly within the middle 80% of the screen).

Always use the full logo and full name of the festival, always with the trademark(™) symbol (at least the first time that the full name is used), either as it is placed in the logo graphic, or at the end of the full name. For example:

  • YES Portland Horror Film Festival™
  • NO Portland Horror™ Film Festival
  • NO Portland Horror fest
  • NO The Portland Horror festival
  • MAYBE* The Portland Horror Film Festival

* Of course, when used in a sentence the word “the” can be used when necessary or convenient (i.e .”Today I attended the Portland Horror Film Festival at the Hollywood Theatre.”), as long as it’s clear it is not part of the festival name. When the title is used in a standalone fashion, it should simply be “Portland Horror Film Festival™”.