Portland Horror Film Festival – June 17-21, 2020

Full Festival Passes and day tickets to our streaming festival are available now through the Hollywood Theatre web site.

Patron of Horror deluxe packages are sold out

Purchase Full Fest Pass, June 17-21st


Quick Schedule: Each show features pre-recorded and LIVE content, including interviews with horror icons and live filmmaker Q&As!

Each show below will be available to stream, beginning at it’s start time, and for an additional 24 hours for your convenience. If you purchase the Full Fest Pass, you’ll need to watch each day’s show within the 24 hour window that it’s available. Daily Ticket sales end at midnight.

  • GET THE ALL FEST PASS! (It includes all the shows listed below)
  • June 17, 6:30-11pm Shorts 2 + Wild Boar (not available anymore)
  • June 18, 6:30-11pm Short films, Sunset on the River Styx, Witness Infection, (Get tickets for this Zompire Double Feature! buy before midnight 6/18 and watch until 6:30 pm on 6/19)
  • June 19, 6:30-11pm Shorts 3 + Making Monsters (Get Tickets)
  • June 20, 1-5 pm Short Horror Extravaganza! Shorts 4 + Shorts 5 (Get Tickets)
  • June 20, 6:30-11:30 pm  Uncle Peckerhead, The Curse of Valburga + Shorts 6 (Get tickets Double Feature + Shorts Gone Wild!)
  • June 21, 1-5 pm Shorts 7 + World Premiere of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die! (Get Tickets)

CLICK HERE for the detailed schedule

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