Women in Horror & Women’s History Month

This year, we will be celebrating Women in Horror during the month of March!

To support and celebrate Women In Horror, Portland Horror Film Festival will once again offer a fee waiver grant program for Women Directors to submit their horror film via FilmFreeway for free during the month of March! The category was extended through April 15th and is now closed. If you have already submitted your film in that category, and have not completed the application form, please do that now to complete your submission.

In order to submit your film for free:

  • Must be a Horror Film
  • Must be directed by a woman
  • Complete the application form below

Submitted films can be ANY HORROR GENRE, from supernatural to psychological to dark fantasy to slashers to blood and guts, and even sci-fi horror or comedy horror, but NOT pure SF, crime thrillers, psychological thrillers, etc. Horror films only, please.

    Women in Horror Fee Waiver Application

    Is the Director a woman? (required)

    Short filmmaker bio (required)
    Please provide a concise biography of the Director. This is not for public use or publication purposes, and only the directors of the festival will see this, so include any details that will help us recognize that this film belongs in this submission fee waiver program, like affiliations with specialized filmmaking organizations or previous works that we might be familiar with. It's just an opportunity for you to tell us more about yourself than a checkbox can.

    Is the film a horror film? (required)
    It takes a lot of time for multiple judges to review your film for possible selection, so please do not submit films that are not legitimately of the horror genre (see our genre guidelines).

    Please select the sub-genre that best fits your film (required)

    Short detailed summary of the film (required)
    Please provide a concise detailed summary of the film, including spoilers. This is not for public use or publication purposes, and only the directors of the festival will see this.

    If selected, to the best of my knowledge, my film will be a Portland, OR premiere (required)

    Please do not close this page until you see the confirmation message.