Is the suspense KILLING you?! Stay tuned for more info as we select films and work out this year’s guests. In the meantime, check out last year’s great guests below! I mean, Barbara Crampton and Amanda Wyss, oh my! Talk about great Women in Horror!

Featured Guests 2018

We have some amazing guests lined up this year, many of which will be taking part in Q&As and special presentations. Stay tuned for more!

  • Barbara Crampton

    Barbara Crampton, legendary horror icon and star of cult classics like Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, and From Beyond will be our special guest for the screening of Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich on Friday, June 15th with a Q&A afterwards! Crampton made an indelible impression on the hearts of horror movie fans with memorable roles such as Meg Halsey in Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator, Suzie Lynn in Chopping Mall, Dr. Katherine McMichaels in From Beyond, and has appeared more recently in the chilling We Are Still Here, the slightly campy Beyond the Gates (which she also produced), and the body horror film Replace. Her supporting role as Officer Doreski in Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich is her second appearance in the sprawling film series. She also had a cameo in the first Puppetmaster!
  • Chris Walas

    Chris Walas is is an American special effects/make-up artist and film director. His main body of work is with special effects in a wide variety of movies from science fiction to action-adventure. His work on The Fly led to his directorial debut on The Fly II. He also won an Academy Award for Special Effects Make-up on The Fly and is well known for his creation of the Gremlins. Walas was also partially responsible for creating the famous sequence in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Nazis melt from the intense heat created by the Ark of the Covenant. Walas created false heads for Ronald Lacey, Wolf Kahler, and Paul Freeman.
  • Amanda Wyss

    [Appearing Wednesday, June 13] Born and raised in Southern California, Amanda was discovered when she was a teenager by an agent while performing in local L.A. theatre. She landed several commercials and her first breakout role as a teenager in the hit science fiction series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. By her early 20s was getting lead roles in major films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Better Off Dead, and Silverado. Her numerous film and television appearances include roles on CSI and Murder in the First. When not acting, Amanda enjoys donating her time to environmental organizations and her passion for yoga.
  • Kevin Makely – Big Legend

    [Appearing Wed, June 13] Kevin is an American actor and producer originally from New York and currently living in Los Angeles. Makely's 20-year career began in the fitness world as the national spokesperson for Bally Fitness. He has worked with Oscar winners including Ron Howard, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, and Billy Bob Thornton. Makely has appeared in over 40 films and television series and is best known for films A Beautiful MindFair GameMr. & Mrs. Smith; TV appearances such as Desperate HousewivesChuck, Enlightened, Kingdom; and recurring role on Disney's Bizaardvark. Makely can be seen in the upcoming film Zeroville opposite James Franco and Seth Rogen. He is the lead in director Justin Lee's upcoming features Any Bullet Will Do opposite Bruce Davison and Meg Foster and Big Legend opposite Adrienne Barbeau and Lance Henriksen.
    Makely is currently Managing Partner and CEO at Papa Octopus Productions, LLC.
  • Justin Lee – Big Legend

    Big Legend marks Justin’s directorial debut on the big screen. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Justin moved to Los Angeles in 2013. He and Kevin Makely formed Papa Octopus and have produced 4 other titles written and directed by Lee. A Reckoning and Any Bullet Will Do are Westerns scheduled to release later this year, and Swell is the story of a young woman coming to terms with her past, expected to be release in early 2019. Lee recently concluded principle photography on his latest project, Alone We Fight, a WWII film inspired by stories told by his grandfather, which is also slated to release this fall.
  • Todd A. Robinson – Big Legend

    [Appearing Wed, June 13] As a Portland actor/writer/director, Todd is familiar face both in front of and behind the camera with scores of independent roles under his belt, as well as having had speaking roles on Leverage, The Librarians, and Grimm. Best described as a character actor, Robinson also appears opposite Makely in Lee’s Any Bullet Will Do, a Western shot in the snowy mountains of Montana. In addition to performing, Todd enjoys playing music and sharing his experience by teaching acting workshops.
  • Andrew Garrettson – Big Legend

    A Portland native, Andrew began acting in theatre at age 13 but his love for creating good performance didn’t stop there. In addition to acting, his many behind-the-scene credits include sound mixer, stage manager, writer, and director. Andrew began working with director Justin Lee over 10 years ago while seeking more on-camera acting experience. This relationship eventually led to being asked to produce for Papa Octopus in 2016. Andrew is thrilled to have his feature film debut as a producer at the Hollywood Theater, and wishes to thank Portland Horror Film Festival for hosting the world premiere of Big Legend  on opening night.
  • Brian Sepanzyk – “Compulsion”

    Having spent over 10 years on set on such movies as Inception, Cabin in the Woods, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Brian has taken this unique experience and branched out into directing his own material. Since then, he has worked with such artists as Baptists (Southern Lord Records) Budos Band (Daptone Records), and Sumac (Thrilljockey Records) in creating original narrative music videos as well as promotional material. "Compulsion" marks his first production in film having written and directed the material and is currently working on his next project as he continues promotion.
  • Calvin Morié McCarthy – “Cathy’s Closet”

    Calvin Morié McCarthy was born April 28th 1992 and raised in Vancouver WA. He began his career as an actor at age 16 playing Romeo in his high school theater production of "Romeo and Juliet". He has appeared in such films as "the Adults in the room", "Lake Noir" and "A House A Home". Calvin has directed two feature films, 3 flies in a widow's web and, and directed and produced the documentary Manos: a conversation with Jackie Neyman.
  • Dave Shecter – “Brace Face”

    Dave Shecter is an actor and producer, known for  the Still TV series and Tall Men. He has had roles in Grimm and Z Nation. Shecter is currently business partners with Chronicle Factory’s, Jonathan Holbrook. Dave co-directed "Brace Face" with Elena Stecca.
  • Edward Martin III – “Smooth Moves” (bumper)

    Edward Martin III is a writer and filmmaker scrabbling together a semblance of home in the Pacific Northwest. He's surrounded by looming evergreens with sullen boughs, mountains that ponder the nature of death, and a relentless sea that dissolves everything it touches. Also, there's a cat, primarily to offset all that rich delicious goodness. Edward's second book Through the Night is being adapted to a feature film, and he is currently in production on several new films. His most recent movies are "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath" (an animated adaptation of the Lovecraft novel), Flesh of my Flesh (a bizarre zombie horror set in the too-near future), and The Dead, a drama set at a wake. Several other film projects are in development at this time. He has also written and directed four web series: "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse," "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse for Zombies," "Head of House," and "Scuba Dooba-Doo (an entirely underwater web series) and is working on two more. Because sleep, apparently, is an option. Find him online at
  • Elena Stecca – “Brace Face”

    Elena Stecca is a Venezuelan-American film Director and Actress. Her work as director include co-director of the horror short film "Brace Face" and director the comedy shorts "The Solitaire" and "For the Love of Sasquatch." Elena's recent acting credits include horror films "Transitions," "The Junkie," and Beloved Beast.  She is also a recurring zombie on Sy Fy's Z Nation TV show.
  • Isaias Zai Gallardo – “MIkey’s Night In” (bumper)

    Isaias Zai Gallardo is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and actor. Born in the Texas Panhandle, Isaias was raised in a small, rural town, with cow-killing plants and agriculture, and little opportunity to excel in the arts. In the early 90s, comedian Steve Martin came to Gallardo's uneventful town to film a movie. Isaias would go to the location to watch filming and began to take a stronger interest in cinema, often renting comedies and 70s and 80s horror flicks. He studied film and screenwriting at the University of Texas at Arlington, and works in Dallas, TX, producing marketing videos and doing freelance work. He received an "Innovation of the Year" Award from DCCCD for a documentary that he produced about creating ceramic poppies for each Texas soldier that died during WWI.
  • Jonathan Holbrook – “Brace Face”

    Jonathan Holbrook is the founder of, and writer, producer, and director at Chronicle Factory. His credits include the Still TV series, Tall Men and upcoming film Beloved Beast.  He resides in Lake Stevens, WA. He co-directed "Brace Face" with Elena Stecca.
  • Justin Zimmerman – “Made You Look”

    Justin Zimmerman, MFA in Film, is a nationally recognized writer, filmmaker and professor. His narrative and documentary work has appeared in film festivals across the globe and has been broadcast on national public television, where he won two international television awards. He contributed a story to the Eisner Award winning graphic novel Love Is Love, and his script and comic work has been optioned on multiple occasions. He's also a huge fan of practical special effects, hence MADE YOU LOOK. See more of Justin's work at
  • Kian Doughty – “Made You Look”

    Kian Doughty is a 7th grade acting enthusiast. "Made You Look" is his first film (as both actor and writer), though he has appeared in local plays and as an extra on Portlandia. Raiders of the Lost Ark is his favorite film, and Gremlins was the first movie he ever watched with Justin, so working with Chris Walas almost blew his mind. He really loves this stuff!
  • Laurel Vail – “What Metal Girls Are Into”

    Laurel Vail was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. She is an actress, known for Delivery: The Beast Within (2013),  and Leading Ladies (2010). She wrote, directed, and starred in "What Metal Girls Are Into" (2017).
  • Liz Tabish – “Cecilia”

    Liz Tabish is an actress and filmmaker based in Austin, TX. Her style of filmmaking is guerilla, lo-fi arthouse inspired by 1960-70s European cinema. She received her BA in Film Theory and MA in Directing/Theater from Oklahoma State University. She co-produces at Maenad Films and is co-director of Austin Arthouse Film Festival. She's currently working on an anthology series of vintage horror short films focused on female archetypes entitled Tales From the Dancing Maenads in which "Cecilia" is included.
  • Matthew Robinson – “Hand Cut” (bumper)

    Born and Raised in Lewiston Idaho, ex-con, drug addict, & High School drop out. Matthew Robinson says he did not spend most of his life making good decisions. The best decision he ever made is to begin to make short films. For the past 5 years he has been writing, shooting, and cutting a short film every year. It has helped him focus his obsessive nature on something positive. He has been attending regional festivals the last few years, and has been so happy to meet new collaborators, and new friends. It continues to be an enlightening and fun experience to attend film festivals. His favorite part of the filmmaking process is absolutely watching strangers watch his films, so he submits to as many as he can afford to attend. He is creating more and better content each year, and will strive to continue to do so!
  • Monsieur Soeur – “What Leaves Remains”

    Since about 2009 the collective of Monsieur Soeur in its various forms has met in a warm room in a middling apartment with several couches, and makeshift tables. Ever present is the smell and sting of hot glue, discolored fingers, and a living landscape of all manner of matters and odds and ends. The room is home to six inch people, terrible monsters, and their sleepy giggly masters shuffling them off to their awful ends. Stories are being told, writing is rewritten, and tiny crafted films are made in a made rash rush.
  • Shawn Nightingale – Big Legend

    Among his diverse business interests and talents, Shawn is an accomplished entertainment producer. He has produced numerous nightclub and off-Broadway shows, and worked with several big stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Rivers, and Cher. Papa Octopus is his newest venture in the independent film industry. When not traveling for business or pleasure, Shawn is married and lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
  • Tim Blough – “Surprise” (bumper)

    Tim Blough is a member of SAG/AFTRA as well as Actors' Equity and has been acting professionally for over 35 years. He has appeared in numerous independent films, commercials and TV appearances, including TNT's Leverage and NBC's Grimm. He has also written and directed several short videos, one of which was an official selection for the Ashland Independent Film Festival.