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Films playing at the Portland Horror Film Festival

A masked intruder strikes during a midnight swim on Halloween reminding Molly that the shadows of the past […]

Hold Your Breath

A revealing, intimate documentary from veteran actor insider Ruben Pla, THE HORROR CROWD spotlights the Hollywood horror community, […]

The Horror Crowd

A skateboard slasher film showcasing an eager skateboarder, Christiana Means, doing whatever it takes to get noticed in […]

Razor Tail

After a long day on set, a sound recordist starts to hear more than just toxic conversation, leading […]


A group of vigilantes abduct wrongdoers and coerce them into confessions, forcing them back on the straight and […]

Blue Bison

A homeless man seeks shelter under a bridge in a storm, and finds a curious shrine, and a […]


There are some things you can’t run away from… A young woman must fight for her life when […]