2022 Call for entries is now open

Submissions are now open for our 7th Annual festival, taking place June 22-25, 2022 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. Our final deadline is May 1st, and we encourage you to submit your film as soon as possible, so that we have as much time as possible to review your project (and the earlier you submit, the lower the submission fees)!

We’re looking for short and feature films of all horror sub-genres including, but not limited to, supernatural horror, monster movies, masked killers, hauntings, folk horror, horror comedies, SF horror, cosmic horror, and psychological horror. Films submitted should be actual horror films of any genre, but not merely violent crime, grindhouse, or psychological thrillers… we show horror, so films should identifiably belong to a horror genre. We love horror that shows us something new and different… beautiful daylight horror, mythologies we’ve never encountered, monsters beyond our imaginations!

All films should be submitted through FilmFreeway. We cannot review films sent outside of this channel, and only films submitted through FilmFreeway will be considered by our jury. Requests to review screeners sent by email will be directed to our FilmFreeway page at https://filmfreeway.com/PortlandHorrorFilmFestival.

Portland Horror Film Festival believes that Representation Matters, and we are one of the most diverse horror festivals in the world, showcasing horror films from all countries, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations! We believe that horror transcends borders and ideologies, and is the one genre most suited to transcending our differences and bringing together all the world’s people.

To help increase the pool of submissions from US filmmakers who are Black, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, or other people of color, we have pioneered a submission fee grant program for BIPOC filmmakers. It is our sincere hope that this will help us select films for our 2022 festival from a wider diversity of under-represented creators. If you are a BIPOC filmmaker in the US, you can apply for a submission fee waiver at BIPOC Director Waiver Application.

We also offer submission fee discounts for student filmmakers and members of the FilmFreeway gold program, directly through FilmFreeway (to take advantage of student discounts, you’ll need to have your student credentials on file with FilmFreeway).

While we show the occasional repertory or small studio film, over 90% of the films we screen every year are selected directly from FilmFreeway submissions. We can’t wait to see your masterpiece of horror, and wish you the best of luck with your project.

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