Festival Year: 2016

Tom and Anya are getting ready to go to a birthday party. The party is fancy dress, with a movie stars theme, and the couple have both made a fantastic effort. However, as events take an unexpected, and very bloody, turn, it seems the party will have to go on […]


A single father is confronted with sinister houseguests and his haunting past in “The Bends.” Executed from concept to completion in 72 hours by Lovely Numb Films/Timesculpt Productions.

The Bends

A struggling writer believes a secret from his past has come back to haunt him. Paranoia and guilt take over as he must try to figure out who or what has been plaguing him with increasingly violent attacks before it is too late.


Written and directed by 10-year old Fiona Fright (but with a story she conceived when she was only 5!), Daddy Dearest is the story of Elise who, suffering after the tragic loss of her father, takes matters into her own hands when her mother (played by the always awesome Diana […]

Daddy Dearest

Long ago resigned to feigning belief, Anthony, the disillusioned host of a paranormal radio program, loathes his life’s work. But when caught in a real-life nightmare, he must struggle to survive the terrifying experience. Will he become trapped in his own conspiracy theories?

Last Caller

Hunting for a subject or a moment… moment hunting…the moment that time stands still…the moment of surprise. How do the identities of the hunt and the hunter form and become meaningful?


Copycat killer “ZCD” is busy dismembering his latest victim in the style of his idol, the notorious KM Butcher. ZCD soon finds his session interrupted by a surprise visit from Detective Jones, who delivers some disturbing news.

Blurred Vision

Luna and Olivia have been confidants for years, yet the time they spent apart has taken a toll that requires a price they never intended. Dark secrets and horrifying intentions come to light over the seemingly simplest of summer meals. Justice and vengeance are never far removed from each other […]

Here Be Monsters

Eat is an unsettling look at the ritualistic nature of dinner and how people, in particular family, regularly gather together to take part in a meal. The film follows four children hoping to make it through one family meal without incident by adhering to the strict etiquette set by their […]


A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent, original anthology. The movie stars an up and coming ensemble group of actors such as Brittany Underwood (TV star of Hollywood Heights, One Life To Live & Youthful Daze), Cortney Palm (Sushi […]

The Dark Tapes