Daddy Dearest

Pacific Northwest Premiere
Directed by Fiona Fright, Stacy Buchanan, Andrea Wolanin
Written by Fiona Fright
Starring Fiona Fright, Diana Porter, Tom Lupien, Jeff Rego, Rhiannon Irwin, Sean Duffy
2015 | 10 mins | USA | English

Written and directed by 10-year old Fiona Fright (but with a story she conceived when she was only 5!), Daddy Dearest is the story of Elise who, suffering after the tragic loss of her father, takes matters into her own hands when her mother (played by the always awesome Diana Porter – seen previously on our screen at Zompire in “Dark Roast” and at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in “Innsmouth”) is unable to give her the support she needs.