Asmodeus (Bride of Satanic Panic, May 31st only)

Directed by Eric Falardeau
Written by Eric Falardeau
Starring Eric Falardeau, Juliette Pottier Plaziat, Stéphanie Cadieux, Annaëlle Winand
2021 | 11 mins | Canada | English

Bride of Satanic Panic exclusive screening on May 31st. CONTENT WARNING: includes depictions of suicide and explicit masturbation that will not be suitable for all viewers. A warning will be issued before this plays in the theater.

Asmodeus: the worst of demons (Asmodaios) or the king of the earthly spirits (Ashmedai). Asmodeus: lust. A movie ritual, an experimental gory self-portrait, a journey towards enlightenment, loaded with occult imagery, played by Falardeau, and filmed on Super 8mm film, where a man invokes and meets three different woman-like incarnations of the lustful demon.