Blindman’s Lane

Directed by Diego Indraccolo, Alice Gatti
Written by Diego Indraccolo, Alice Gatti, Dave Baby
Starring Dave Baby, Vladimir McCrary
2017 | 13 mins | UK | English
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*This film played only at the special event “An Evening of Satanic Panic”

An urban odyssey scattered with supernatural events as real life character Dave Baby reveals his unusual philosophy.

Dave Baby is an artist who is fascinated by satanic imagery and the occult. We see him carve a symbol on a piece of solid, heavy wood. The phone rings and he’s informed on the place for its delivery. Thus our hero’s journey begins, across London, then deeper and deeper underground as he relentlessly carries his wooden burden, like Jesus with his cross. But Dave isn’t looking for redemption. As he shares his thoughts and beliefs with us we begin to understand where his journey might end.

The film is based on recordings extrapolated from candid audio interviews with Dave Baby and the selected clips also function as the voice-over throughout the film.