The Funeral

World Premiere
Directed by Yujie Qiu
Written by Yujie Qiu
Starring Kunjue Li, Nina Paw, Jin Chen, Yan Kong, Nicolas Xiong, Yanhe Zhang
2019 | 68 mins | China | Chinese | English subtitles

Zhong Tonghiu, a young model, has recurring nightmares of her mother who committed suicide when she was a child. One day she receives an unexpected invitation to the funeral of her wealthy, childless, aunt, and agrees to attend out of sympathy. She arrives at her aunt’s lavish mansion in the remote countryside a few days before the funeral, and meets Li Baile, a young man who is also there to honor her aunt. As the nightmares intensify, strange and unexplained things begin to happen, and Tonghui wonders if her aunt is truly dead, and who Li Baile really is.