Lilith’s Awakening

Portland Premiere
Directed by Monica Demes
Written by Monica Demes
Starring Sophia woodward, Barbara Eugenia, Steve Kennevan
2016 | 80 mins | Brazil | English

Lilith’s Awakening is a psychological horror art film that tells the story of Lucy, a sexually repressed woman trapped in a loveless marriage and a dead-end job at her father’s service station in a small Iowa town. The highlight of her existence comes at night, when she dreams of a mysterious and beautiful woman who haunts the woods outside her modest home.

From the festival directors: Beautifully shot in stark black and white in America’s heartland, this ravenous feature evokes both classic Universal horror films and the unsettling Weird of David Lynch’s masterpieces, with standout performances including a captivating portrayal of the titular Lilith by Brazilian pop-star Barbara Eugenia. Do not miss this chance to see this Oregon premiere on the big screen!