The Laplace’s Demon

Pacific Northwest Premiere
Directed by Giordano Giulivi
Written by Duccio Giulivi, Giordano Giulivi
Starring Duccio Giulivi, Silvano Bdertolin, Ferdinando D 'Urbano, Simone Moscato, Carlotta Mazzoncini, Alessandro Zonfrilli, Simone Valeri, Walter Smorti
2016 | 109 mins | Italy | Italian | English subtitles

A glass in free fall. Have you ever thought if it is possible to calculate into how many pieces it can break into? After numerous experiments, a team of researchers succeeds in doing just this apparently impossible task.
Attracted to their experiment, a mysterious professor invites the scientists in his isolated mansion to know more about their studies. However, when they arrive, they are not greeted by their host but they are faced with a strange model of the mansion, in which some absolutely normal but incredible actions are acted.
The researchers will soon understand to be involved in a new experiment in which they’ll have to play a very different role than usual: that of the glass in free fall.