Dima Barch

Director/Writer/Exec Producer – “Dead End”
Dima Barch was born in 1998 in Moscow. Dima was a film journalist and critic for more than nine years, but fled his country because of prosecution. His short film debut “Dead End”, is a queer horror, which had a North American Premiere at Beyond Fest and a UK Premiere at London Short Film Festival (LSFF), and was selected by more than fifteen international film festivals. His second English-speaking short based in Berlin, “The Power of the Strike”, is compared with early Brian De Palma works and played by several international film festivals. Recently, Dima was named a recipient of the George A. Romero Film Fellowship, receiving the mentorship of Carter Smith (The Ruins, Jamie Marks is Dead, Swallowed). He also graduated from NAFF Fantastic Film School in 2023.