Emma Cogan – Baby Fever

Emma Cogan (She/Her) hails from Portland, Oregon and is a horror-focused filmmaker. She is a Producer, Costume Designer, Art Director, and is co-founder of Monstrous Femme Films. Taking notes from Ken Russell to John Waters, Emma’s work explores the twisted side of the human condition through a queer-feminist lens; juxtaposed by surreal, technicolor, and campy visuals. On Monstrous Femme’s earlier works, “Fanatico” and “Camp Calypso,” Emma filled the roles of costume designer and co-producer. Most recently, Emma served as producer, art director, and costume designer on the team’s latest flick “Baby Fever”. Today, you can find Emma preparing for production on her directorial debut- “Penny & The Poppies,” a queer, retro-surrealist psychological horror set in the swinging ‘60s, slated for release in 2023. In addition to her independent work, Emma works as a casting and wardrobe assistant, having worked on productions such as HBO’s The Rehearsal and NEON’s Pig.