John Skipp – Doppelbanger

John Skipp’s 2021 Splatterpunk Lifetime Achievement Award encapsulates his long, weird, colorful career as a Rondo award-winning filmmaker (TALES OF HALLOWEEN), Stoker Award-winning anthologist (DEMONS, MONDO ZOMBIE), and New York Times bestselling author (THE LIGHT AT THE END, THE SCREAM) whose books have sold millions of copies in a dozen languages worldwide. His first anthology, BOOK OF THE DEAD, laid the foundation in 1989 for modern zombie literature. He also co-wrote one of the gnarliest episodes of Shudder’s CREEPSHOW Season One.

From splatterpunk founding father to bizarro elder statesman, Skipp has influenced a generation of horror and counterculture artists around the world. His latest (and last book) is DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON. His two new albums are CRY ME A RAINBOW and THE ANTIDOTE TO FEAR. And his new film (showing here) is DOPPELBANGER.