Matthew Robinson

Writer, Director “Mirrored Message” bumper

Matt says, “I am a blue collar guy. I work as a truck driver & Heavy equipment operator. A high school drop out, drug addict, and an ex con. After getting clean in 2000, a lot of things have changed about my life, but not my obsessive nature. My budgets are really limited. I was giddy when I was able to buy my flip camera, then I got a DSLR, now i’m on mirrorless. No matter what the obstacle, I get the project done. I use a lot of online sources, but mostly I have been learning by doing. I have never been burdened by confidence, but when I look back to my first videos, I can see that I have learned a lot since the beginning. I have noticed that I have a consistent trajectory, and that I will make something great. One day I will make a feature film I am proud of. I know because I have a strong work ethic, an obsessive nature, and I have the confidence that I will never run out of ideas.”