Jon Condit

In the dark and shadowed realms of the horror genre, where nightmares dwell and fear reigns supreme, there emerges a figure shrouded in mystery and expertise. Jon Condit, the co-founder and President of has served as a harbinger of terror, tirelessly dedicated to celebrating the macabre and embracing the chilling essence that permeates our souls for going on 17 years.

As one of the eerie orchestrators behind Dread Central, he has helped conjure an online sanctuary where horror enthusiasts find solace, seeking refuge within the deepest abysses of their darkest fears. This lair, born of his unwavering dedication, has become an arcane haven, where the flickering light of terror is forever kindled.

But his influence stretches beyond the ethereal realm of the internet. As a board member and programmer for the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, Condit has woven himself into the enigmatic depths of shadow and celluloid, where he helps to curate a symphony of terror, showcasing the most spine-tingling visions that send shivers cascading down the spines of all who bear witness.