Rebekah McKendry – Bloody Judge 2024

Rebekah McKendry is an award-winning director, writer, and podcaster. Her most recent horror feature, GLORIOUS (starring JK Simmons), premiered at Fantasia Film Festival and after receiving top honors from critics was certified as “fresh” on Rotten Tomato. Rebekah began her film and writing career working for Fangoria Entertainment and went on to become Editor-in-Chief for Blumhouse Productions, as well as writing for media companies like Shudder, Universal, AMP, AMC and more. Additionally, Rebekah has written multiple books including PRETTY EVIL, coming soon from Simon and Schuster, and several volumes of the HELLRAISER comic book series. She is an award-winning podcaster currently hosting Fangoria’s Colors of the Dark Podcast. She also has a PhD focused on the Horror genre and is currently a professor in the Cinematic Arts Department at the University of Southern California.