Be the first to witness these horrors!

Portland Horror Film Festival™ is not just a bunch of horror movies… it’s a bunch of horror movies you probably haven’t seen before (and might not again). We’ve scored a serious number of films which will be making their premiere right here in Portland.

11 Pacific Northwest Premieres! Not even those jokers up in Seattle have seen Daylight’s End starring Johnny Strong and Lance Henriksen, or The Dark Tapes starring Cortney Palm from Zombeavers and Emilia Ares Zoryan from VHS:Viral! Same goes for “Daddy Dearest” from 10-year-old Fiona Fright (besides being a filmmaker, she also has a line of frightful soaps at Fiona’s Fright Shoppe), “Clear Toxic“, “Eternal Coma, 1994” (featuring Q&A with visiting director Riley Leggin), “Mirrored” (Q&A with producer Nicole Bird), “Kurayami No Wa” (from 15-year-old Morgana McKenzie), and many more.

3 US Premieres! You’ll be the first audience in the whole United States of America to thrill at Taiwan’s ghostly “An Affair of 7 Nights“, the ghoulish “Eat” from Spain, and Italy’s demonic “Hypogeum!”

So, out of 30 films total, 14 are Pacific Northwest or US Premieres, and another handful are Portland premieres. But, wait… there’s more!

3 World Premieres! Be the FIRST AUDIENCE IN THE WORLD to see Justin Harding’s “Kookie,” Rami Ibrahim’s mysterious “Agochare,” and Peter Hearn’s “Motto.” You’ll be making history, just by sitting in a seat, sipping a beer, munching popcorn, and probably screaming in abject terror!

Not only will you be enjoying these horrific milestones for yourself, you’ll also be making history for the filmmakers who trusted us with their amazing films. You’ll be among the first eyes feasting on the future of horror.


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