Horrors upon horrors: Festival trailer! Behold the schedule!

One of our main goals at Portland Horror Film Festival™ is to showcase international independent films that push the boundaries of horror cinema. We take the job of selecting a wide variety of films, in a wide variety of styles, from all parts of the world, very seriously, and earnestly hope you’ll see something on our screen that you couldn’t possibly see at the multiplex. The films we showcase are simply better, more thoughtful, and more amazing than your normal diet of Hollywood-approved drivel. Enjoy our new trailer for Portland Horror Film Festival 2017. It’s a big bloody taste of the horrors to come, June 8-10 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR.

Get Tickets from the Hollywood Theatre web site (click here) or in person (whenever they are open).
Purchase before June 1st and save $4 on a single night ticket, or $10 of a full 3-day pass.

The Schedule has arrived

The full schedule is completed, and the program book is heading to the printer. See what films are playing when HERE.

The short version:

Thursday, June 8: 4-6pm Filmmaker meet and greet, 7pm Short block, 8:50pm Q&A, 9:10pm more short films & feature Happy Hunting
Friday, June 9: 4-6pm Pre-party, meet and greet, 7pm Short block, 8:50pm Q&A, 9:10pm more shorts & feature Huldra – Lady of The Forest
Saturday, June 10: 1pm Short block, 2:50pm Q&A, 3:10pm more shorts & feature Lilith’s Awakening, 5-7pm Wrap party and award ceremony
More details at the full schedule here.

Creating a balanced schedule that takes into account not just the genres of individual films, but their tonal differences, as well as elements like runtime and subtitles, is even more complicated when you mix in the travel schedules of our glorious attending filmmakers. This is what makes a festival special; not just seeing amazing independent film, but also getting to meet some of the filmmakers who put their lives, families, and day jobs on hold to devote every waking hour and every available dollar to making cinema that truly reaches outside the box into a spooky new world of Horror. We appreciate your patience, as we’ve brought all of these items together to make Portland Horror Film Festival an event that will immerse you in the horror-filled world of film.

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