Festival Year: 2018

Big Legend marks Justin’s directorial debut on the big screen. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Justin moved to Los Angeles in 2013. He and Kevin Makely formed Papa Octopus and have produced 4 other titles written and directed by Lee. A Reckoning and Any Bullet Will Do are Westerns scheduled to release later […]

Justin Lee – Big Legend

Among his diverse business interests and talents, Shawn is an accomplished entertainment producer. He has produced numerous nightclub and off-Broadway shows, and worked with several big stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Rivers, and Cher. Papa Octopus is his newest venture in the independent film industry. When not traveling for business […]

Shawn Nightingale – Big Legend

A Portland native, Andrew began acting in theatre at age 13 but his love for creating good performance didn’t stop there. In addition to acting, his many behind-the-scene credits include sound mixer, stage manager, writer, and director. Andrew began working with director Justin Lee over 10 years ago while seeking […]

Andrew Garrettson – Big Legend

Elena Stecca is a Venezuelan-American film Director and Actress. Her work as director include co-director of the horror short film “Brace Face” and director the comedy shorts “The Solitaire” and “For the Love of Sasquatch.” Elena’s recent acting credits include horror films “Transitions,” “The Junkie,” and Beloved Beast.  She is […]

Elena Stecca – “Brace Face”

Dave Shecter is an actor and producer, known for  the Still TV series and Tall Men. He has had roles in Grimm and Z Nation. Shecter is currently business partners with Chronicle Factory’s, Jonathan Holbrook. Dave co-directed “Brace Face” with Elena Stecca.

Dave Shecter – “Brace Face”

Jonathan Holbrook is the founder of, and writer, producer, and director at Chronicle Factory. His credits include the Still TV series, Tall Men and upcoming film Beloved Beast.  He resides in Lake Stevens, WA. He co-directed “Brace Face” with Elena Stecca.

Jonathan Holbrook – “Brace Face”

Since about 2009 the collective of Monsieur Soeur in its various forms has met in a warm room in a middling apartment with several couches, and makeshift tables. Ever present is the smell and sting of hot glue, discolored fingers, and a living landscape of all manner of matters and […]

Monsieur Soeur – “What Leaves Remains”

Edward Martin III is a writer and filmmaker scrabbling together a semblance of home in the Pacific Northwest. He’s surrounded by looming evergreens with sullen boughs, mountains that ponder the nature of death, and a relentless sea that dissolves everything it touches. Also, there’s a cat, primarily to offset all […]

Edward Martin III – “Smooth Moves” (bumper)

Tim Blough is a member of SAG/AFTRA as well as Actors’ Equity and has been acting professionally for over 35 years. He has appeared in numerous independent films, commercials and TV appearances, including TNT’s Leverage and NBC’s Grimm. He has also written and directed several short videos, one of which […]

Tim Blough – “Surprise” (bumper)

Kian Doughty is a 7th grade acting enthusiast. “Made You Look” is his first film (as both actor and writer), though he has appeared in local plays and as an extra on Portlandia. Raiders of the Lost Ark is his favorite film, and Gremlins was the first movie he ever […]

Kian Doughty – “Made You Look”

Justin Zimmerman, MFA in Film, is a nationally recognized writer, filmmaker and professor. His narrative and documentary work has appeared in film festivals across the globe and has been broadcast on national public television, where he won two international television awards. He contributed a story to the Eisner Award winning […]

Justin Zimmerman – “Made You Look”